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Digital metal detector, conveyor belt metal detector, automatic weight detector metal detector, weight detector, high-speed and high-precision weight detector, etc.

High precision

Imported high-speed weighing modules and weight sensors can be used to ensure the accuracy of calibration.

Easy operation

Using Schneider touch screen, simple operation, intuitive display, support for multiple languages (default Chinese and English).

Convenient connection

Can be connected with other equipment in the production line, such as printers, labelers and inkjet printers, etc. (customized).

Automatic feedback

The signal is provided to the front end, and the packaging accuracy is fed back in time to adjust the feeding status of the connected equipment.


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Matters needing attention in ordering checkweighers

Checkweigher is an automatic checkweighing equipment in the chemical, food, daily chemical ,pharmaceuticaland other industries. It can check online and real-time whether the weight of the product on the production line is qualified, whether there are missing parts in the package or the weight of the product is archived to ensure that the product is 100% qualified.

The application, working principle of the checkweigher

When purchasing and ordering checkweighers, the following points should generally be clarified: Instrument name、Instrument model、measuring range、accuracy、detection speed, power supply, material, function, Optional,etc.

What are the advantages of checkweighers?

The advantages of checkweighers are very prominent, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:Checkweighers help you reasonably control costs、Save costs and improve product profitability、Comprehensive promotion of steps to improve and increase efficiency、Improve product quality and consider the strict processing process of customers、Save labor costs.

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