Touch screen  checkweigher and metal detector combo
Touch screen  checkweigher and metal detector combo
Touch screen  checkweigher and metal detector combo
Touch screen  checkweigher and metal detector combo
  • Touch screen  checkweigher and metal detector combo
  • Touch screen  checkweigher and metal detector combo
  • Touch screen  checkweigher and metal detector combo
  • Touch screen  checkweigher and metal detector combo

Touch screen checkweigher and metal detector combo

Touch screen  checkweigher and metal detector combo simplifies and speeds up data entry, product replacement time and processes. It is mainly suitable for the detection of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron and other metal foreign objects and online weight detection in the food, pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical, rubber and plastic, toys, wool spinning and other industries.



Product Description

Touch screen  checkweigher and metal detector combo is a combination system of checkweigher and metal detection in a very compact collection on one device. The combination of two detection technologies and a touch screen user interface enables simultaneous weight detection and metal detection of products.Automatic detection metal detector is the first choice for companies with limited production and installation space. Both systems are controlled through a single operator terminal. High-speed digital signal processing devices and intelligent algorithms are used to improve detection accuracy and stability.If you are interested in our products,please contact us!



Specification Parameter

Model category: standard model

Detection channel width (mm): 300-400 (can be customized)

Detection channel height (mm): 100 (customizable)

Detection sensitivity: iron ball diameter (φmm) 0.6-0.8; 304 stainless steel diameter (φmm) 1.2; non-metals such as copper, aluminum and lead (φmm) 1.2

Alarm mode: buzzer, LED sound and light alarm, and automatic shutdown

Machine material: 304 stainless steel

Machine size: 1520*860*930MM

Machine weight: about 200kg

Power supply: AC220V 50-60Hz

Power: about 140W

Load capacity 5-25KG

Conveying speed: 24m/min (50Hz)


Main Advantages

1. The operating system adopts humanized and intelligent design, with one-button self-learning function;

2. The main control board of the probe adopts digital intelligent technology, with high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability;

3. Adopt liquid crystal display control, intelligent and user-friendly interface design, easy to operate and easy to learn;

4. Use phase adjustment technology to effectively suppress product effects;

5. It has a variety of product parameter memory functions, which can store the detection parameters of different products;

6. It has the function of automatic fault detection and prompting at startup, which can effectively prevent invalid detection;

7. The whole machine adopts modular design and assembly, which is easy to assemble, debug and disassemble, and easy to maintain;

8. It can be customized according to the size, weight and product characteristics of the tested product;

9. Waterproof, dustproof, vibrationproof and explosion-proof can be customized according to the environment and safety requirements of the production site;

10. Adopt pneumatic push rod type automatic rejection design.

metal detector with printing


Food packaging, medical packaging, plastic recycling, rubber, etc. are used to detect various metal impurities such as iron, copper, lead, aluminum, tin, stainless steel, etc., which are mixed or dropped in products or raw materials.


Our Company

Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the design, research and development, production, sales and service of automatic intelligent packaging machinery. After years of experience accumulation, the products have now withstood the test of the market and have been recognized by corporate customers.




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Package & Shipping

Our products can be shipped by sea, air and land.


After Sale Service

1.Damage caused by dismantling, modification, or revision by a third party that is not responsible for repairs.

2.Outside the warranty period, we provide paid maintenance services (only the cost of accessories).

3.If the customer disassembles or tore the machine by himself, and alters the fragile warranty sticker attached to the machine, it will be regarded as voluntarily giving up the warranty rights.

4.Due to human-caused machine damage, external force collision, falling, and other personal errors caused by other reasons.

5.Repair, if the appearance of the product is worn and the accessories are missing during the replacement period.


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