High Precision Air Blowing Metal Detector
High Precision Air Blowing Metal Detector
High Precision Air Blowing Metal Detector
High Precision Air Blowing Metal Detector
  • High Precision Air Blowing Metal Detector
  • High Precision Air Blowing Metal Detector
  • High Precision Air Blowing Metal Detector
  • High Precision Air Blowing Metal Detector

High Precision Air Blowing Metal Detector

High Precision Air Blowing Metal Detector is used to detect metal magazines or metal foreign objects mixed in food, medicine and other enterprise products. Adopting the principle of balance, it has more stable and reliable performance. The phase adjustment technology can adjust the product and effectively suppress the product effect.



Product Description

The High Precision Air Blowing Metal Detector can detect magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities, even if the metal is embedded in the product, automatic Metal Detector can also be detected to protect downstream equipment, reduce downtime, reduce defective products, protect product quality, and recover the investment cost of the metal detector in a short time. Technical advantages Probe head. Available in a variety of widths and heights, metal detectors are ideal for the highest detection sensitivity to protect your products.If you are interested in our products,please contact us!

High Precision Air Blowing Metal Detector

High Precision  Metal Detector

Specification Parameter

  1. Detection method: electromagnetic wave detection, new analog circuit combined with digital circuit.

2. Display screen: 7/10 inch color touch screen. 

3. Effective detection width: 40cm (can be customized according to customer needs)

4. Effective detection height: 10-20cm. 

5. Sensitivity adjustment: 100 grades. 

6. Detection sensitivity: 0.8-3.0mm iron ball, 1.5-5.0mm stainless steel. 

7. Alarm mode: buzzer alarm, motor automatically stops. 

8. Conveyor belt speed: 20m /min (can be customized according to customer needs) 

9. Power supply: 100-265VAC 50-60Hz Appearance size: 135cm (L) * 80cm (W) * 100cm (H) (can be customized according to customer needs)

Air Blowing Metal Detector

Main Advantages

  1. Function: Set various required functions and modes, and set up self-checking function.

2. Sensitivity: divided into gears, adjustable to increase and decrease (1-63 gears are adjustable). 

3. The sensitivity of the frequency display can be adjusted to reflect the metal index. 

4. When a trace metal is detected, the sound, light and instrument will alarm at the same time, and the unqualified products will automatically stop. 

5. With self-check function, you can check whether the instrument is normal by yourself, so as to avoid unnecessary maintenance.

6. The whole machine is made of industrial stainless steel, waterproof and rust-proof, which is hygienic and easy to clean. 

7. The conveyor belt is environmentally friendly. Food grade conveyor belt, suitable for temperature range -20C to 65C, easy to work in refrigerated areas.

8. Combined with miniature subwoofer environmental protection motor, continuous use will not fail. 

9. with leakage insurance function, high insurance factor. 

10. If it contains aluminum foil and film-coated packaging, it is suitable for inspection before packaging.

Automatic Metal Detector


  1. It is specially used for the detection of ferromagnetic substances in food and medicine.

2. It is used for product testing of chemical raw materials, rubber, paper products and clothing industries.


Our Company

Shanghai Shigan Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, specializing in the research and development, production, sales and related services of pharmaceuticals,food,daily necessities,department stores.It is a professional manufacturer of checkweigher machine and metal detector machine in China.The company has strong technical force,sophisticated production equipment,perfect testing methods and high management level.




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Our products can be shipped by sea, air and land.


After Sale Service

1.Quality: (Every product sold by our company is guaranteed to be replaced within seven days, guaranteed within one year, and maintained for life.) Before the product is sold, we will go through strict inspection, and the product you sign for has no quality problem;)

2. Payment: All products support Alipay payment! Or just buy it! factory! Please rest assured to buy! 

3. Price: The above prices are reference prices! 

4. Non-standard customization: according to customer requirements, non-standard customization, delivery in a short time! 

5. Logistics or express delivery: Large items will be delivered by logistics, small items will be delivered by express delivery, and once the customer's payment arrives, if we have stock on our side Cycle: 3-5 days, the goods are issued and the user's logistics order number is provided to track the whole process of the goods, so as to solve the customer's worries!


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