Daily chemical Stainless steel multi-level Sorting Checkweigher
 Daily chemical Stainless steel multi-level Sorting Checkweigher
 Daily chemical Stainless steel multi-level Sorting Checkweigher
  •  Daily chemical Stainless steel multi-level Sorting Checkweigher
  •  Daily chemical Stainless steel multi-level Sorting Checkweigher
  •  Daily chemical Stainless steel multi-level Sorting Checkweigher

Daily chemical Stainless steel multi-level Sorting Checkweigher

Reinforced stainless steel frame, fully waterproof design, zero-point automatic analysis and tracking technology, easy product editing and storage, fast product switching and automatic adjustment of the sorting speed of corresponding products.



Product Description

Daily chemical Stainless steel multi-level Sorting Checkweigher can be partitioned according to the weight required by the customer, which reduces the labor cost of the sorting process and optimizes the production process. One of the main features of this equipment is based on automatic design, which can safely classify products, which can directly replace manual weighing, so as to achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency, improving accuracy, reducing labor and reducing costs.Stainless steel multi-level Sorting Checkweigher is used for continuous checkweighing and sorting in production lines of daily chemicals, chemicals, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals.If you are interested in our products,please contact us!

daily chemical stainless steel multi-level sorting checkweigher

onlion multi-level sorting checkweigher

Specification Parameter

Type SG-150

Weighing Range 3-500g

Limited of product L: 200 W:150 H: 3-200mm

Accuracy ±0.1g Depends on product

Division Scale 0.1g

Belt Speed 0- 65 m/min

Max Speed 150 pcs/min

Belt Width 150mm

Machine Weight 60kg

Power Supply AC 110/220V ±10% 50HZ

Power 100W

Main Material SU304 stainless steel

multi-level sorting checkweigher

Main Advantages

1. High adaptability to the equipment environment.

2. Very friendly operation interface.

3. The parameters can be modified at any time without the need for the weight sorting machine to suspend the sorting.

4. Up to 200 product presets can store hundreds of thousands of data records to meet the complex needs of customers.

5. Rich peripheral resources make it easy to interconnect with other devices.

6. Fast dynamic weighing algorithm software technology enables the entire system to maintain high detection accuracy even in high-speed operation.

high-precision multi-level sorting checkweigher


It is used in various aquatic seafood, chicken, duck, fish and other food processing, precise classification of automobile hydraulic accessories, weight sorting and packing of daily necessities and many other fields.


Our Company

Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd., established in May 2010, is located in Shanghai, integrating product design, research and development and production.It has domestic advanced production equipment and production technology, perfect testing equipment and quality system.The company enjoys a high reputation among customers for its excellent product performance, satisfactory technical support and after-sales service. With years of accumulation, the company will further develop domestic and foreign markets, continuously expand market share through innovative industrial solutions, and provide customers with sustainable productivity.The company's main products include automatic checkweighers,metal detector, etc.,which are suitable for food, daily chemicals, medicine, chemicals, hardware products and other major industries.




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Package & Shipping

Our products can be shipped by sea, air and land.


After Sale Service

About delivery: General model products are available in stock, shipped within 72 hours, and special specifications and models need to be customized.

About shipping: All products are shipped directly from the factory, free shipping.

About receipt: general logistics is 3-7 days to arrive, you can choose to pick up, you can also deliver to your door.

About after-sales: The products are all one-year warranty, lifetime technical after-sales, and lifetime maintenance.


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