What automated equipment do dry product companies rely on to sort high-quality red dates?

2022-10-12 14:02:55

Due to the different weight and size of red dates, their prices in the market are also different. Their quality is better than ordinary red dates, and their weights are divided into superior and inferior grades. Therefore, enterprises and merchants choose some high-quality red dates according to their weight, and strive to sell them at a good price in the market.


Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in online weighing equipment. Our company's belt-type  Multi-level Sorting Checkweigher can accurately measure the weight of red dates to within the range of 0.1g, and can sort the same product with different weights and sizes. Using this precise weighing and sorting machine, high-quality red dates can be selected, which saves the mistakes of manual weighing and sorting.


In addition, the structure of the automatic sorting machine can also carry out multi-level selection of products. Using multi-level sorting scales to select red dates can help manufacturers or food processing plants to reduce costs to a large extent and win market competition.

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