What are the common detection methods of metal detectors?

2022-10-12 13:07:47

In the production process of food, medicine, chemical industry, plastics and other industries, the sensitivity of metal detectors is extremely high, because the detection sensitivity of metal detectors will directly affect the detection effect of equipment on products. Product safety and delivery pass rate are closely related to the detection sensitivity of metal detectors. So, what factors will affect the detection sensitivity of metal detectors?


The detection methods of metal detectors are different, there are different detection methods such as digital dual frequency, digital single frequency, analog machine, etc., and the corresponding detection sensitivity is also different. The size of the detection port of the metal detector is different, and the sensitivity increases as the detection port decreases. The characteristics of the tested object will also affect the detection sensitivity, such as packaging materials, temperature, shape, water content and other factors that affect the product effect, the greater the product effect. , the lower the sensitivity, if there are metal, magnetism, vibration and other factors around the metal detector, the sensitivity will also be affected.

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