Workflow Breakdown of Weight Sorter

2022-10-13 13:41:50

Weight Sorter Workflow 1: Front-End Conveying Section

Transfer the measured object to the weighing section, on the one hand, give the object an initial speed, so that it can be more stable after entering the weighing section; on the other hand, it plays the role of isolating and damping the front-end material to ensure the measurement accuracy.

Weight Sorter Workflow 2: Intermediate Weighing Section

This part is the key part of the whole mechanical system, and its structural design and installation accuracy directly affect the measurement accuracy of the system. It consists of a conveying motor, a photoelectric monitoring part and a load cell, and is used for high-precision dynamic weighing of objects.

Weight Sorter Workflow 3: Back-End Sorting Section

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This part is the action part of sorting, which consists of conveying part, air valve, hopper and so on. It is used to eliminate and sort ineligible parts of objects. The rejection method can be set to blowing type, push rod type, flap type, etc.

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