What are the main functions of metal detectors on the market?

2022-10-11 15:10:32

We all know that the function of the metal detector is to detect whether there are metal impurities in the product, and then separate the products containing metal impurities through manual separation or automatic rejection device according to the prompts, the purpose of this is to make the product safer. So, in addition to this function, what other functions does the metal detector have?

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1. The sensitivity can be adjusted according to the actual situation;

2. Automatically check the equipment to determine whether it is normal, which can avoid unnecessary maintenance of the equipment;

3. Waterproof and rustproof, protect equipment, hygienic and easy to clean;

4. Leak detection function, which increases the safety of equipment use;

5. Automatic alarm function, when metal impurities are detected, the sound and light device simultaneously alarms and stops running.

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