How is a checkweigher made up?

2022-10-10 16:04:15

The composition of the checkweigher

The main core components of the checkweigher are: weight sensor, controller, power module, PLC display screen, and motor. The other components of a checkweigher are the weighing pan, belt, circuit board, chassis, and some firmware.

When the equipment is in use, it is inevitable to encounter some common faults. For equipment maintenance, in the event of unsolvable or unsolvable equipment failures, do not blindly repair and disassemble equipment components by yourself. You should ask professionals who understand technology to come to repair, or contact the manufacturer's technicians to avoid improper maintenance. cause equipment damage.


Manufacturers use early manual detection methods, which are prone to underweight or missing parts, which greatly affects the customer's image of the product. Although the checkweigher is a large one-time investment for enterprises, considering the long-term cost and corporate image, the checkweigher is indeed the best choice for the future development of the enterprise.

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