What are the benefits of putting a metal detector on the production line?

2022-10-28 16:39:04

Metal detectors are widely used in the food processing industry. Generally, raw materials, auxiliary materials, additives, etc., before entering the next processing process, some manufacturers will carry out foreign metal detection, which not only protects the subsequent equipment, but also ensures the safety of products. Especially after consumers pay more attention to food safety, food production enterprises have increased the use of metal detectors on food production lines to improve production safety and food safety.

Metal detectors

The detection of products containing metal foreign matter by the metal detector is realized by the principle of electromagnetic induction.

The application of metal detectors can help food production enterprises to quickly separate products containing metal impurities such as stainless steel, copper, and aluminum, and provide multiple guarantees for food production lines.

The metal detector adopts advanced CPU processing detection signal and digital technology, which greatly improves the detection sensitivity and anti-interference ability.

The metal detector is also equipped with memory function and learning function, which can automatically identify product characteristics, detect products efficiently, and meet the needs of safe production.

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