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2023-06-03 17:22:35
How Does A Metal Detector Work?

The use of conveyor belt metal detectors to check for the presence of any stray metal particles is essential throughout the manufacturing process of pharmaceuticals, personal care products, textiles and more.

Its principle is based on the principle of installing three coils in one probe, one of which is the central transmitting coil and the other two are equivalent receiving coils. A high-frequency magnetic field from the oscillator is connected through the center transmit coil to the two receive coils, but with opposite polarity.

When the magnetic field is not disturbed by the outside world, the voltage output signals produced by them cancel each other out. Once metal impurities enter the magnetic field, the balance will be broken, and the induced voltages of the two receiving coils cannot be offset. The induced voltage that is not offset will be amplified by the control system to generate an eddy current effect, thereby alarming or rejecting to ensure that any metal impurities are removed from the manufacturing process.

Metal Detector Machine

What Are The Advantages Of Conveyor Belt Metal Detectors?

A. Stable stainless steel detection head and transmission frame are used to ensure stable machine detection, good performance and long service life.

B. It can detect magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities, even if the metal is sealed in the product, it can protect downstream equipment, reduce downtime, protect product quality, and recover investment costs in the shortest possible time;

C. The non-metallic area of the detection head is small, which minimizes the length of the conveyor belt and makes the conveyor body shorter and smaller.

D. Stability: high stability. The coil is completely bonded inside, which can effectively prevent the propagation of electromagnetic waves and reduce the possibility of false alarms caused by the movement of external metal parts.

E. Sensitivity: Special design maximizes metal detection sensitivity.

What Industry Is The Application Of Conveyor Belt Metal Detector?

Commonly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, they can easily check products for any metallic materials that should not be present in food and pharmaceuticals. Their unique size advantage, ultra-high stability and sensitivity make them easily the ideal detection solution for any application.

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