How to determine the selection specifications of checkweighers?

2022-09-13 11:59:53

Many buyers do not know the specifications and models of the checkweighers they need to purchase when they make the initial inquiry? I have asked a lot of suppliers, and each supplier may give different suggestions. So how do you analyze and find a checkweigher that is suitable for your project?


This is about the checkweigher itself. The specifications and models of the checkweigher are determined by the belt width-range-rejection method. The rest are some auxiliary parameters, such as: conveying direction, belt height, detection quantity and accuracy, whether it is waterproof or not. In theory, the higher the requirements, the higher the price.

In general, customers need to provide the following parameters to be able to determine the specifications of the checkweigher.

  【Product size range】 _______________mm

  【Product weight range】 _______________g

  【Detection speed】 ____________________P/min

  【Detection Accuracy】______________________g

  【Conveying direction facing the screen】 Left to right Right to left

  【The height of the belt from the ground】 ____________________mm

  【Environment of use】 _________________________________

With the above information, the specification and model of the checkweigher can be determined.In order to provide more accurate parameters, plans and quotations, it is recommended that you contact our company to help you complete the selection.

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