Talking about the difference between checkweigher and sorting machine

2022-10-10 14:16:51

Both the checkweigher and the sorter are a kind of online weight detection equipment. Although they are not the same product, their weighing principles are similar. They are all weighed by weight and then get the data and then remove or sort. The obvious difference between them is that the checkweigher obtains the weight data by weighing and then rejects the unqualified products, while the sorting machine divides the products with different weights into their corresponding ranges after weighing, and the products of different weights can be set A weight range is placed separately, and there is no difference between qualified and unqualified.


Checkweigher is mainly used to detect whether the weight of the product is qualified, whether there is a lack of parts or instructions in the package, it has the functions of rejection and alarm, and is customized according to the needs of customers. It is widely used in pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, food, chemicals, batteries. , hardware accessories, electronics, plastics and other industries. Checkweigher manufacturers suggest that for the use of automatic weighing equipment, the correct use method should be followed to prolong the service life of the equipment. And vulnerable components, also need to do daily maintenance and correct operation methods, in order to avoid production loss due to damaged accessories.


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