Where Are Checkweighers Suitable For?

2022-09-02 09:20:07

Where are checkweighers suitable for?

    As for the occasions where the checkweigher is suitable for use, it can be said that it can be used when you need to check whether the weight of the product is qualified. Using the automatic checkweigher can prevent unqualified products from flowing into the hands of customers, causing customer complaints and being rejected. The return of the whole box and the whole batch occurs, which affects the customer's loyalty and corporate image to the company.


    The checkweigher is suitable for automatic weight detection, upper and lower limit discrimination or weight classification selection on various automated assembly lines and logistics conveying systems, such as automatic checkweighing of various boxed medicines, missing or repeated delivery of instructions, and detection of overweight and underweight products. FCL inspection (missing parts inspection, missing package inspection, missing box inspection, missing bottle inspection, missing can inspection, missing bag inspection), underweight inspection of packaged products, overweight inspection, missing inspection of accessories in the package, such as manuals, accessories, gifts , desiccant and other accessories.


    The checkweigher can also be used for automatic grading and judging of the weight of factory production lines and continuous packaging lines, and is suitable for seafood, livestock and poultry, aquatic products, frozen food, etc. The automatic checkweigher can also be used for online testing in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, toy, hardware, chemical and other industries. In addition, automatic checkweighers can directly replace manual weighing, so as to improve production efficiency and the consistency and reliability of weighing.

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