What should be paid attention to when using checkweighers?

2022-10-15 14:03:07

1. Pay attention to the natural environment

High temperature, smoke and dust, humidity and cold and its highly corrosive natural environment, magnetic field environment, etc. will cause serious damage to the checkweigher. Therefore, pay attention to the application environment of the checkweigher, or select the corresponding checkweigher in a clear environment.

2. Avoid being overweight

To prevent damage to the checkweigher caused by overweight, even if the checkweigher has a certain load capacity.

3. Power circuit connection

Shielded twisted pair cables should be used for the power supply circuit leading to the display information or the power transmission lines drawn from the power supply circuit. The sensor output data signal reading power supply circuit should not be placed together with some machinery and equipment that can affect high-calorie food.

4. Avoid contamination of the sensor with dirt

Dirt contamination of the sensor may jeopardize the movement and precision of the sensor's movement.

5. Handle with care

The checkweigher should avoid all impact, falling, etc., and handle it with care.

10. Protective grounding

The communication cable of the sensor cannot be arranged in parallel with the weak current power plug or control wire.

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