What has changed in the technical application of metal detectors?

2022-10-17 15:35:11

With the rapid development of technology and industry, my country's metal detector enterprises have developed rapidly. The sensitivity, resolution, detection accuracy and working performance of metal detectors have made a qualitative leap, and the application field has also extended to more industries with the improvement of product quality.


The metal detector has many features. When it detects trace metals, the sound, light and instrument will alarm at the same time, and the unqualified products will be automatically returned or stopped. The whole machine is made of industrial stainless steel, including screws and nuts, waterproof , rust-proof and easy to clean. The conveyor belt of the metal detector adopts imported environmental protection type, which is convenient for operation in the refrigerated area. The metal detector has a self-checking function, which can be turned on to check whether the instrument is normal or not, avoiding unnecessary maintenance. The equipment adopts an intelligent operation panel, which is very convenient to use and easy for operators to get started.

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