Vertical small filling machine, granule powder filling machine, milk powder filling machine wholesale price

2022-12-19 15:44:26

Product Introduction

Vertical small filling machine adopts microcomputer control mode, made of stainless steel, high packaging precision, fast speed and good quality.Milk powder filling machine wholesale price is made by experienced designers and solves the packaging process of cumbersome equipment. The machine runs stably, with low noise, small size and light weight. It is worth buying by customers!If you are interested in our products,please contact us!

Vertical small filling machine

Technical Parameters

Packing voltage: 220V

Power: 15W

Dimensions (cm): 38×50×140

Packing range (g): 50-5000

Packing speed: 10-20 packs/min

Packing accuracy: 0.25g

Machine weight: 60kg

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 granule powder filling machine

Main Features

1: The packaging machine adopts microcomputer self-control, which makes the packaging more precise and accurate, and the packaging process is fully automated. the

2: The parts in contact with the material are all made of stainless steel, which does not pollute the material. the

3: Double shock-absorbing structure, the machine runs smoothly and the noise is low. the

4: Small size and light weight. the

5: Very small power, saving energy. the

6: Feeding by oblique throwing, without crushing and damaging materials, especially suitable for packaging of fragile materials. the

7: Display package weight and number of packages.

milk powder filling machine wholesale price


The filling machine is mainly used for the packaging of small doses of goods, such as rice, grains, medicinal materials, tea, dry goods, parts, fruits, seasonings, seeds, powders, fertilizers and other quantitative goods.


After Sale Service

1. The products are real enough: our company's goods are never faked, and each product is genuine, and we will tell you honestly, please rest assured to buy.

2. Integrity is high enough: our company sincerely serves everyone and is a trustworthy businessman.

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