The Origin and Development of Checkweighers

2022-09-16 14:17:57

How did checkweighers develop?

Automatic checkweigher, also known as weight sorting machine, sorting scale, sorting machine or automatic sorting scale, is a production line automatic checkweighing equipment widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. The detection of overweight and underweight substandard products in the production line.

The checkweigher was found at Thermo Fisher Scientific. As early as 1933, after many attempts, the method of using mechanical equipment to automatically transport products "in motion" to the weighing platform for weighing was finally realized. Founded in 1945, Illumatronic in California, USA, successfully applied dynamic weighing to commercial scales for the first time in the world in 1953.


In the mid-1960s Illumatronic changed its name to Icore, and since then Icore has become the synonym for "checkweigher" all over the world. The reason for the adoption of checkweighers by food manufacturers today is the growing focus on both product quality and production efficiency. So Icore experienced crazy growth through the acquisition of Acurex, and in 1985, it was managed and controlled by Ramsay Engineering Company in Minnesota, USA, and established the leading checkweigher division in the United States and Japan. offices and equipment manufacturing centers for agents around the world.


In addition, Ramsay Engineering, founded in 1953, has become a global leader in the fields of bulk weighing and feeding systems. After seeing the value of the synergy, add to the portfolio investment in checkweighers, while consolidating and complementing the strong Ramsay brand and product line.

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