Customer-made Checkweigher Completion Site

2022-09-16 16:07:41

Today I bring you a wrapping film checkweigher customized by our company's customers. The customer's product weighs 8 catties and requires an accuracy of 10g. Based on the SG-400 model, we designed an additional installation. Styles with a fixed bar that enables it to be checked for weighing on the conveyor belt.

Below is the pictures:




The parameters of this checkweigher customized for our customers are as follows:

Checkweigher parameters:

Weighing range: 0.05-20/30kg

Inspection accuracy: ±5/10g (inspection accuracy is affected by product weight, product size, transportation method, working environment, etc.)

Graduation value: 1g

Large inspection speed: 40 pieces/min

Conveyor belt width: 450mm

Rejection system: ejection by push plate (other types can be customized)

Power supply: AC220V; 50HZ; 1P; 10A

Housing material: 304 stainless steel

Function: Multiple ways to reject unqualified products, support unqualified shutdown function;

Optional: USB interface; sound and light alarm light; RS232 interface


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