Professional Skills Training for Practical Employees in Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co,.Ltd

2022-09-03 13:57:45

Regular employee training is something every company has to do, which can enable employees to do their jobs better, improve work efficiency, provide customers with a good experience, and convince customers of the company.

This Saturday, our company organized employee ability improvement training and watched the course teaching. Provide more professional training for customers who come to consult!

Meaning of training

1. Enhance business capabilities. It is very necessary for employees to charge in time, and training is an important way for employees to increase their knowledge and skills.

2. Opportunities to obtain higher income. An employee's income is directly related to the labor efficiency and quality of their work. The company is inseparable from its employees, and the employees

3. Enhance the stability of employees. In order to train employees, enterprises provide excellent conditions. So in general, they will not leave the company easily and recognize the company's culture. After the employees have been trained, their quality and ability have been improved, and they will perform more prominently at work, and they will be more likely to be reused or promoted by the company. Therefore, employees are more willing to serve in the original company.

4. Training can make employees more professionally competitive. The future workplace will be a workplace full of competition. With the innovation of the talent mechanism, a large number of new talents join the competition team every year, making employees face the danger of being eliminated all the time. In the face of competition, to avoid the fate of being eliminated, there is only continuous learning, and training is the best and fastest way to learn.

Our service and strength

1. Professional quality, more than ten years of experience in testing equipment, and always pay attention to customer needs.

2. Low cost of use and maintenance, people-oriented digital intelligence, modular design, excellent performance, convenient operation and maintenance.

3. Strong R&D and design capabilities, which can be customized according to the special requirements of customers.

4. Main products: automatic packaging machines, vertical packaging machines, granule/powder/liquid/sauce packaging machines, multi-head scales, linear scales, conveyor belt metal detectors, dynamic checkweighers and a series of assembly line packaging machinery!

The following are pictures of the on-site training:





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