How to Choose the Reject Equipment Style of the Checkweigher?

2022-09-14 14:25:06

How to choose the reject equipment style of the checkweigher?

Culling style:

1、Air Blowing

Suitable for lighter and regular items, such as: instant noodles, paper rolls, small hardware, etc.!

2、Lever Type

It is suitable for items that are slightly heavy and not easily damaged, such as: meat, fish, canned food, etc.!

3、Push Rod

Suitable for heavier items, such as: drink boxes, milk boxes, metal parts boxes, etc.!


It is suitable for thin items and the detection speed is not very fast, such as: fans, snacks, etc.!


It is suitable for thin and fast detection items, such as: masks, seasoning packets, etc.!

6、Belt Type

It is suitable for items with large and easily damaged packaging bags, such as: woven bags, kraft paper bags, etc.!

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