High Precision Industrial Weight Checking Machine
High Precision Industrial Weight Checking Machine
High Precision Industrial Weight Checking Machine
  • High Precision Industrial Weight Checking Machine
  • High Precision Industrial Weight Checking Machine
  • High Precision Industrial Weight Checking Machine
  • High Precision Industrial Weight Checking Machine

High Precision Industrial Weight Checking Machine

High precision industrial weight checking machine is a special equipment for modern automatic production workshop, which is mainly used for weight supervision and inspection of various daily chemical products.



Product Description

High precision industrial weight checking machine is embedded in the intelligent detection equipment of automatic weighing detection of the assembly line, which helps the online weighing of supplies to check various weight abnormalities and identify the corresponding quality abnormal problems.Using high-precision sensors, high-speed digital signal processing technology, all contact parts are made of food-grade materials,to ensure that the industrial weight checking machine will not be contaminated, its reinforced stainless steel frame,comprehensive waterproof design,dynamic weight automatic compensation technology,automatic zero point analysis And tracking technology,100 product presets,easy product editing and storage,fast product switching and automatic adjustment of the sorting speed of the corresponding product.If you're interested in our machines,please contact us!

Industrial checkweigher

High Precision Industrial Weight Checking Machine

Specification Parameter

Type SG-D220

Weighing Range 10-1200g

Limited of product L: 200 W:150 H: 3-200mm

Accuracy ±0.2 Depends on product

Division Scale 0.1g

Belt Speed 0- 60 m/min

Max Speed 100 pcs/min

Belt Width 220mm

Machine Weight 60kg+44kg

Power Supply AC 110/220V ±10% 50HZ

Power 100W

Main Material SU304 stainless steel

Industrial Weight Checking Machine

Main Advantages

1. 10-inch color touch screen, like a smart phone, easy to operate.

2. Quick belt replacement system, with buckle design, it is very easy to clean the belt.

3. Up to 10 quick menus, seamless docking to change products, to achieve non-stop product switching.

4. Inquiry and printing of unqualified products.

5. Provide feedback signals of production trends, adjust the packaging accuracy of upstream packaging machines, improve user satisfaction and reduce costs.

6. The core components are imported accessories to ensure the stability of the equipment operation.

7. The independent processing plant makes the equipment at the same level with lower cost and the most affordable price.

8. The domestic high-quality shunt removal device prevents the product from falling down during the sorting process and spills the material, and ensures the integrity of the detected object.

Automatic Weight Checking Machine


Applicable to a variety of industries: food, daily chemicals, aquatic products, poultry, toys, beverages, chemicals, electronics, hardware accessories, etc.


Our Company

Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of intelligent equipment. With long-term manufacturing experience, skilled technology, excellent production equipment, and high-standard management talents, it produces products with guaranteed quality The product. The company is committed to researching and developing better intelligent packaging machinery and equipment, absorbing the essence of similar products, so that the company has developed rapidly.




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Our machines can be shipped by sea, air and land.


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1. The products are real enough: our products are never faked, and each product is genuine, and we will tell you honestly, please rest assured to buy.

2. Integrity is high enough: our company sincerely serves everyone and is a trustworthy business.

3. After-sale service is strong enough: Strictly implement the three-guarantee service, and the products sold have no scratches due to their own quality problems (not human-made): seven-day replacement, one-year warranty.

4. Entity management: Welcome to the company to trade, our company can sign a sales contract!


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