Cooked Food Manufacturers Purchase Checkweighers To Realize Automatic Elimination Of Single Weight Detection !

2023-06-19 17:08:27

Cooked food production enterprises need to maintain the normal operation and hygiene of production, and at the same time ensure the stability of product quality and net content. A few days ago, a cooked food manufacturer purchased our checkweigher to realize the automatic elimination function of its single weight detection, so as to save labor costs and improve production efficiency.

Check Weight Machine

This checkweigher has the advantages of high precision and high stability. It is also equipped with an automatic rejection function, which can accurately detect whether a single weight meets the standard, and automatically reject unqualified products, ensuring the accuracy of the net content of the product and the stability of the quality. The operation is simple and easy to learn, and can be put into production and useEffectively improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.

Check Weigher Machine

We believe that this high-quality checkweigher will attract the attention and use of the majority of manufacturers. Shanghai Shigan will provide the market with intelligent, high-quality, and stable automatic testing equipment to help enterprises occupy a large share in market competition.

Check Weighing Machine

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