Why can the metal detector achieve the ideal detection effect?

2023-02-07 15:23:09

In the process of production and processing, due to equipment wear or human negligence, metal foreign matter such as metal powder and screws is often mixed into the product, which brings great harm to the safety of food, medicine and other products, which will cause great harm to the product manufacturer. Big loss, therefore, it is necessary to choose to use metal detector to avoid this problem.


The metal detector adopts advanced dual-channel signal detection circuit combination technology, which has high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability, and it has a dual-channel signal display function. Whenever a metal foreign object passes through, it will show a different induction intensity. The metal detector also has the function of adjusting the product effect. In the wet, sugary or salty food, the metal detector will generate a signal similar to metal. This product effect will affect the detection effect, but it will weaken the product effect, so as to achieve a better Good detection effect, it also adopts sound and light alarm, it can automatically discharge or shut down after detecting metal foreign objects, easy to use. During installation, it can be connected with the assembly line to realize automatic inspection operation.

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