Which Accessories Can Be Used With Metal Detectors To Improve Operational Efficiency?

2023-05-13 16:17:36

Here are some accessories and equipment that can be used with metal detectors to increase operational efficiency:

Conveyor system

An efficient conveying system can smoothly convey products to the metal detector, ensuring that products pass through the detection area continuously and stably, and a suitable conveying system can improve the fluency and efficiency of the production line.


Installing a vibrator or vibrator on the transmission channel of the metal detector can help loose products to disperse better, avoid accumulation and cross interference, and improve the detection effect and pass rate.

Equalizers or Diverters

Install equalizers or diverters at the inlet and outlet of the metal detector, which can balance and divert product flow, ensure uniform load in the detection area, and reduce the possibility of blockage and overload.

Dust Collector or Suction Device

Metal detectors usually produce a certain amount of dust or debris. Installing a dust collector or dust suction device can remove these impurities in time, keep the detection area clean, and prevent interference and misjudgment.

Conveyor Speed Regulator

According to different product types and production requirements, adjusting the conveyor belt speed of the metal detector can make it adapt to different process and process requirements. By adjusting the speed, the detection efficiency and accuracy can be improved.

Alarm and Sorting System

Combined with the alarm and sorting system, it can realize automatic sorting and exclusion of detected metal foreign objects, improving the efficiency and safety of the production line.


The use of these accessories and equipment can be combined with metal detectors to provide higher operating efficiency and overall performance of the production line. According to specific production needs and metal detector specifications, choose suitable accessories and equipment to optimize the production process and improve product quality.

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