What Metal Detector Can Be Used In Water?

2023-07-15 17:13:25

Liquid Metal Detector Machine is developed for liquid and paste products. With its maintenance-free design and high-quality, hygienic construction, the metal detector is ideal for use in the food industry.It can be easily integrated into all common piping systems for pumps, vacuum fillers or even sausage meat filling plants.Intuitive control and easy installation through autocalibration and teach-in wizard.

Liquid Metal Detector Machine

It is mainly used for metal detection before packaging, and can detect powder, granule, paste and liquid. Can effectively identify various magnetic and non-magnetic small metals in materials (such as aluminum, stainless steel, iron, etc.)


Model: SG-ML80/SG-ML100/SG-ML150/SG-ML200

Tube inner diameter: 80/100/150/200

Detection sensitivity: Fe (Φ)-0.6/0.8/1.0/1.0

SUS304 (Φ): 1.2/1.5/1.5/2.0

Pipeline flow (t/h): 2/4/8/15

Machine weight: 120kg/140kg/160kg/180kg

Power supply: AC220V (optional)

Product preset quantity: 100 kinds

Detected product form: powder, small particles, liquid, paste

Air source requirement: ≥0.5MPA

Alarm mode: detect metal, alarm and automatically remove

Main material: SUS304

Pipe material: PP

Liquid Metal Detector Machine

1. Use advanced DSP technology and leading intelligent algorithm to improve detection ability.

Improve sensitivity and promote machine stability.

2. Designed to detect and separate metal contaminants in pumped, liquid and pasty products.

3. LCD display, English operation menu.

4. The automatic learning function helps to automatically select the appropriate working parameters according to different products.

5. Use quick calculation values according to different product characteristics to ensure reliable removal of pollutants.

6..Easy to integrate into the pipeline system through quick connectors.

7. High sensitivity.

8. Made of stainless steel, good waterproof performance.

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