What Is The Purpose Of Automatic Checkweigher?

2023-09-26 16:09:50

Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. provides accurate and reliable Automatic Checkweighers to various industries.

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Whether you need a checkweigher to prevent products from being overweight or underweight, to monitor and control the accuracy of process equipment or to ensure compliance with EU directives, you can find the right machine within our extensive product range.

The automatic checkweigher will automatically dynamically weigh all products and filter out products that are too heavy or too light, thereby ensuring that the product weight is within the standard range and maintaining the company's reputation.

There are many types of checkweighers to suit the needs of almost every industry. It is suitable for all packaging products (boxed, barreled, bagged, bulk) or processed parts. The operation is simple and clear, the installation is convenient and fast, no maintenance by professionals is required, and it can withstand various harsh industrial environments.

Generally speaking, customers need to provide the following parameters to determine the specifications of the online checkweigher.


【Product size range】 _______________mm

【Product weight range】 _______________g

【Detection speed】 ____________________P/min

【Detection accuracy】_______________g

【Conveying direction facing the screen】 Left to right/Right to left

【Belt height from the ground】 ____________________mm

The above information can determine the specifications and models of the online checkweigher.


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