What Affects The Accuracy of a Metal Detector?

2022-09-24 14:33:35

Inspection accuracy of metal detectors

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1. The natural environment where the metal detector is located. The metal detector should be installed in a stable and dry room as much as possible, and no other metal materials should be placed around the installation site to prevent the vibration of the surrounding environment, damp and cold gas and other metal materials from affecting the inspection.

2. The metal detector does not need to move frequently, because the equipment will run unstable due to vibration during the whole moving process, and reduce the detection accuracy. Frankly, to ensure that the inspection accuracy is not reduced, do not move the device lightly after installation.

3. When the metal detector detects different commodities, the purpose of the commodity is different, and the purpose of the commodity will endanger the accuracy of the inspection equipment. If the utility of the product is too great, the inspection accuracy will be reduced. At this time, a metal detector with a stronger ability to suppress product practicality can be selected, so that the accuracy of inspection will gradually improve.

4. The inspection ability of the metal detector itself will jeopardize the accuracy of the inspection. The stronger the inspection ability, the better the characteristic and the higher the inspection accuracy.

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