The 5 advantages of food checkweighers are introduced.

2022-09-21 16:41:57

The food checkweigher has excellent dynamic checkweighing performance. It adopts a high-speed dynamic weighing algorithm to detect whether a single weight is consistent with the target weight, and eliminates overweight and underweight products, which can effectively control product quality. The modular design makes the operation and daily maintenance of the series very simple, and it is easier to meet the requirements of different users.

It can be weighed in the dynamic process of the assembly line without pause, replacing the tedious and labor-intensive step of manual weighing. When in use, the operator only needs to simply set the upper and lower limits of the items to be inspected, and then press the [Start] button, the system will enter the automatic working state, qualified products will pass, and unqualified products will be automatically rejected.



1) Check the weight of the product on the production line, and sort the selected quantity, insufficient weight, and excessive weight to prevent defective products from leaving the factory.

2) According to the standard weight of the product, the excess or insufficient quantity of the product in the box or the packing box is sorted, and the product that meets the standard quantity is delivered.

3) According to the standard weight value of the product, the abnormal state of the product is sorted, and only the high-quality products are delivered.

4) If it is an assembled product, the standard weight value of the product shall prevail to measure and confirm whether spare parts and decorations are missing.

5) This equipment is connected with other auxiliary devices to increase the efficiency of inspection and effectively manage production.

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