Specific Application Areas of Dynamic Checkweighers

2022-10-08 15:37:43

Dynamic checkweighers are widely used and distributed in many industries.

(1) Packaged food industry:

It can solve quality problems such as underweight/overweight detection of pre-packaged food, full box/full bag/full package missing parts and multi-pack detection, and missing package detection of packaged food packaging accessories.

(2) Beverage and beverage industry:

The small dynamic checkweigher can detect the weight of a single bottle of beverages and beverages. In addition, the whole box weighing detection model can online weighing to detect the missing parts of the whole box and the packaged products in small quantities, and automatically exclude them to the defective product accumulation area.

(3) Pharmaceutical and medical supplies industry:

It can solve whether the net weight of medicines is qualified, the whole box/package/bag is missing, missing, missing parts, and the missing parts of the packaging list of medical supplies.

(4) Daily chemical light industry:

It can be used for daily paper products, daily chemical cosmetics, daily cleaning products, daily cleaning products, daily hygiene products and other daily chemical products as well as toys, textiles and other light industrial products, and solve the online weight detection single product net weight qualified / unqualified , FCL / whole box / whole package / whole article missing parts and missing parts detection, daily necessities packaging accessory list items missing packaging abnormal detection and other quality abnormalities.

(5) Hardware and building materials industry:

It can detect product quality inspection of various metal stamping parts, die casting parts, processed parts, precision parts, spare parts, etc., as well as online weighing and sorting of building materials products, as well as quality abnormalities such as missing/missing/missing parts of packaging products Wait.

(6) Electronic and electrical industry:

Household appliances and electronic products solve the abnormal quality of electronic and electrical products such as missing parts detection, missing packaging detection, and multi-packing detection of packaging products.

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