How To Choose A Suitable Checkweigher?

2023-08-19 17:03:15

If you are interested in our checkweigher, you can first understand the following questions. Provide your answer, we will recommend the most suitable machine for you.


Dear Sir/Madam, please answer the questions about the machine before making an inquiry:

1. What products are weighed? Could you please show me pictures for reference if you can?

2. What's the packing and size of the product, what's the width and length?

3. What is the target weight for each product? What are the upper and lower limits?

4. What are the requirements for weighing speed, how much per minute?

5. How big is the space for placing the machine?

6 What is the electricity (voltage/frequency) in your country?


Through the above information, we can understand your specific needs and recommend suitable machines for you!

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