How to choose a metal detector?

2022-09-29 15:56:18

Metal detectors are mainly used in food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries, so what should we pay attention to when purchasing?

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1. Detection range: The detection range is determined according to the detection area. The detection area is large. If you use a fixed-point positioning instrument for detection, it will waste a lot of time, so the metal detector is your best choice at this time.

2. Detection depth: If the detection depth is not enough, it may not be detected at all. Generally speaking, if you detect a product with a buried depth of five meters, you need to buy a metal detector with a depth of about eight meters to ensure its detection effect.

3. Whether it is required to be visible: the price of visible metal detectors is very expensive. When purchasing, you must determine it according to your own use, and do not choose blindly.

4. Choose according to the purpose: choose the metal detector according to different needs, and choose the one that suits you and is cost-effective.

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