Bottled Medicine Checkweigher Customer Use Site !

2023-07-03 17:15:26

Today, our sales received a customer from a pharmaceutical company who needed to purchase a bottled checkweigher produced by us for the checkweigher on the assembly line.

This time, the customer has more requirements, but after adjustment and communication with our company's sales staff, an agreement was reached. This customer bought a bottle checkweigher with a clamp to check whether the weight of medicine bottles and medicines is up to standard, and required to check 30-40 bottles within one minute, with an accuracy of about 0.1g.


The other party gave timely feedback on our products after receiving our bottled checkweigher and putting it into use. Our checkweigher was basically assembled when it was delivered, and it only needs to be installed after arrival. 

The bottle checkweigher can weigh the medicine bottles and reject the substandard or overweight products under high-speed conveying conditions, reducing complaints and losses due to quality problems.


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